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What are the different types of candles? Lots of people try to create candles on their own but it could be hard at first especially if you’re just starting out. This is because if you don’t have the basic knowledge, it will be difficult to come up with candle making ideas, and the type of materials you need to use. What are the different types of candles? Candles come in all shapes and sizes. Each candle type you use will require various kinds of accessories and equipment. For instance, unique candles will need to have unique jars or molds. It will also require different types of fragrance for some. The bottom line is that everything depends on what elements you are using and how you are using. In this article, you’ll learn what are the different types of candles?

Common Type of Candles

Romantic Candles 

What are the different types of candles? Romantic candles are all about love! The candle should exhibit the romantic vibe which means you would need to create heart – shape candles, and use sweet fragrance or scents. You can use heart – shaped candle molds and you can also add heart – shaped wax sheets on the body of the candle. All you need are heart shaped wax sheets of different colors for that romantic touch. All you need to do is have the design from the sheets use a dryer to melt it before attaching to the candle. Easy as that!

Beeswax Candles

A common type of candle is called the beeswax. They take a long time to burn and they glow brightly. The great thing about it is that it has natural waxes which mean that it is non – toxic. Creating beeswax candles is quite easy because you don’t need to pay attention to details compared to making other type of candles. The materials you need are almost always available in candle shops and supplies.

Olive Oil Candles

If you want another type of natural candle that doesn’t burn off that long, you can try to create an olive oil candle. The way you create this is usually only 1 to 2 steps compared to other candles. This is great for beginners. Compared to other candles, you don’t need to melt the wax. You can place it in any type of container, but just make sure to properly place the wick and voila! You’re done!

Fragrant Candles

What are the different types of candles? Fragrant candles are just made out of basic pillar candles but with the addition of candle fragrance. It’s also very popular among candle makers. Hundreds of candle fragrance is available and you can choose from different varieties. Fragrant candles are very popular as gift items too. You just need to be careful about the proper measurement of the wax before adding the fragrance.

Ice Candles

Ice candles are easy and fun to make! You can make your own by creating different sizes. You need to create one candle by using any candle container that you want. After that, put one pillar candle in the middle of the container before putting small ice blocks. The next step is to melt the wax. Make sure to let it cool down for about an hour before cutting the top part of the pillar candle.

Jelly Bean Candles

Once you become an expert in creating candles, you can then start doing other type of candles and become creative about it. One cool candle you can try is called the jelly bean candle. You would need a candle mold to do this. You need to insert the mold for you to insert jelly beans before pouring the melted wax. It is quite easy to do and can make a great gift.

Color Block Candles

What are the different types of candles? Many newbies love trying color candles, but only a couple of candle makers do color – block candles. These types are created when you add layers of colored wax. Obviously, you would need a wax, a container and some colorful crayons. You need to cut one crayon into several pieces before mixing it with the wax. Pop it in the microwave for about a minute before pouring it in the jar. Cool it down for about half an hour. After that you can repeat the same process but try using different colors this time.

Water Candle

Water candle sounds absurd right? But it does exist! And it’s easy to make! You would need just one candle container, a candle wick, round plastic sheet with a hole in the middle of it, water, and lamp oil. It’s also best to put a color marble in the container if you prefer. Next step is to insert the wick in the middle of the plastic sheet. Take the container, and then pour water into it. After that, pour the lamp oil before placing the plastic sheet on top. Then lit the wick to see how gorgeous it is! We hope you learn a lot about what are the different types of candles?

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