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How to make simple candles at home? When it comes to making candles, it’s best that you follow the instructions written on the packaging of your candle wax. This is because it will tell you the exact measurement that’s based on the size of mold or candle you would want. How to make simple candles at home? The way you can measure the candle wax is by using a large container, and placing it on your kitchen scale. Make sure that you zero out the scale so that it wouldn’t include the bowl’s weight.  If you do not have a zeroing out ability you can always write down the weight of the bowl and simply subtract it from your total amount until you have the amount of wax you need. In this article, you’ll learn how to make simple candles at home?

Steps on How to Measure the Candle Wax

Step #1

It is best that you include some extra wax and the reason for this is because you would need to add coloring and candle scents which mean you don’t want to run out of that. It will be hard to re – create the exact amount of candle scents or coloring. It’s also best that you have more so that it will compensate for any candle spills that will occur.

Step #2

Once you have your candle wax measured, the next step is to melt your other type of wax before adding any scent or colors. What you can do is to fill up a sauce pan that has about 3 quarters of water, and just allow it to boil. In your candle melting pot you want to start placing the wax pieces and you want to fill it three quarters of the way up. As the wax melts it will get smaller and smaller and you can begin to add more of the chunks.

Step #3

Make sure to place your melting wax bowl inside the water but with the handle outside. Keep close eyes on it because the last thing you want is to start a fire. Watch it melt and as it do, you can start to add wax chips. Make sure to read the instructions when it comes to setting the right temperature.

Step #4

While it is still hot, make sure that you pour the candle wax into the mold. Dry the bottom of your pot because since it is double boiler, you will have some water left. Pour the candle wax just a tad above the tape, but of course it’s up to you on how long you want your candle to be.  If you want to make a number candles using scent and color, then you can simply use the same batch to make all the sizes. You also want to check to make sure that your wick is stabilized and this is because as the wax begins to solidify you won’t be able to move it. After that, let it cool for an hour or so.

Step #5

The next step is to check again on candle and check it the candle top has set, and if it is starting to create a divot at the top. The divot at the top is called the well. You want to see it a bit higher along the perimeter, and then the wax begins to sink as it nears the wick. Expect for it to create a bubble around the wick.  There might be air bubbles that you will find inside the wick and if you leave them, there’s a chance that the bubble will burst.

For this reason you want to make sure you take a skewer to poke a few holes poking down toward the wick all the way to the bottom of your candle mold. The wax will be solidified at the top but it will be liquid underneath. As you poke down into the wax the entire level of the wax will drop if there is a hole. And because there may be a hole inside and by poking it the wax will move and fill up that hole.

Step #6

At this point it’s best that you reheat the candle wax to the needed temperature and measure with your thermometer. Make sure to fill up the top of your mold right on top of the candle wick until you have filled the hole and the mold. Make sure to not also pour over the candle fill. You can choose to do this a couple of times. Begin to refill the well especially if you see more divots.

Step #7

Make sure to also mold the candle and trim the wick. The best way to do this is let it cool overnight. The first thing you want to do is remove the pencil. Once that is done you want to remove the masking tape around the perimeter because the candle is so tight inside the candle mold but it may not come out if you leave the masking tape. The candle should slip right out. At this point you want to see that the bottom area where you refill the mold is actually the bottom of the candle. If you have a line along the perimeter of your candle from the sealed line inside of the metal candle mold after candle making, you can take a sharp knife or razor blade and slowly trim that away.

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