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Candle making is the number one practice most hobbyists have, and with its prevalent popularity, I couldn’t agree more. It has a lot of purposes, from the simple light source, cultural practices, religious decorations, novelties; to staples in celebrations, into wellness, there’s every candle for everyone; for every use, you can think of. It also holds lots of practical and healthful benefits. It’s inexpensive, it lasts long, it comes in different shapes, sizes, and fragrances. Clearly, it is just one of the best items to ever exist. 

If you also want to be a candle maker, as a hobby, or as a business since the candle-making industry is really popular, then it is best to get you started with the tools that are generally used in making candles, and that is what all this is about.

Essential Tools for Candle Making


Wax is the main thing you need in candle making since it literally is the main and the foundation of the candle; amongst other things. Without it, you would not have something to work on. It is the main thing that will keep your wick burning, melting, and evaporating in the air, through your wax the scents you incorporate are being emitted; through your wax, you have a candle. There are a variety of candle wax to choose from; such as paraffin wax, soy wax, gel wax, beeswax, palm wax. 


Candle wicks are just as essential of a thing than it is on your wax. Without it, you will not be able to light your candle, diminishing its purpose. Once you light the wick, it will now produce a subtle flame that will melt your wax slowly, the wax will begin to vaporize; and your wick will slowly disintegrate as it gradually burns. 


Candle molds are the thing where you will be putting your wax; and molding it, forming it to a solid shape or block, making your candle come to life. This can come in various shapes and sizes, and nowadays, you can find really creative and distinct aesthetically pleasing shapes such as body types that are trendy, or bubble shapes that make a great accent in a room. 


Jars are used if you want your candle to have its designated container. It is versatile, comes in different sizes, and can be used in different types. They are sophisticated and can be luxurious if you have the creativity. It is perfect for the scented candle-making business since it can double as home decors. 

Double boiler

A double boiler is an essential equipment for candle making as you will be melting your wax onto it. It is essentially a pan that will be filled with a few inches of water topped with a heatproof glass bowl on the top. As the water boils;, you are tasked to pour in your wax on the heatproof glass bowl; and stir it slowly. A double boiler is preferable in melting your candle wax since it will not burn it off, unlike direct melting of wax on a pan. 

Candle dyes

Since candles cater to a lot of different individuals, coloring them makes them extra interesting and pleasing. Dyes, as their name suggests, will color your candles. Thesedyes will work best on the wax you are working on, as opposed to regular dyes, food dyes; chemical dyes that might sabotage the quality of your candle. 

Fragrance or Essential Oils

Fragrance and Essential Oils are what make a emit scents. The fragrance and essential oils are a great additive to since it has a range of proven mental health benefits. In addition to that; it has a great variety of distinct scents, from florals to things, foods, places, and nostalgic memories. 

Wick holders

Wick holders are essentially especially to those who would like to do jar or container. It will keep your wicks in place, in the middle as you gently pour your wax on the container. 

Thermometer and glue guns

The thermometer will measure the temperature of your wax, measuring their temperature is necessary to ensure that you are working with the right Fahrenheit for stirring, for putting in the fragrances, and finally, for pouring it down to their designated molds or container. 

Glue guns

A glue gun is essential in placing your wicks on the bottom of your candles, making it intact and centered. They are convenient and very easy to use. 

Stirring spatula/ spoon

Stirring spatula or spoon is your designated stirring equipment as making requires a lot of slow and steady stirrings.


That’s pretty much all that you need tools – wise, as for you, the maker, the qualification is only your willingness to do them, to make candles. Candle making, as many enthusiasts and hobbyists say, is an easy thing to maneuver as long as you are willing, you really have the passion to learn, and the dedication in doing so, and before you know it, you already can and are greatly acing the candle making! With that being said, I encourage you to make your own candles as well, light them, relax onto them, gift them, make art to them, you can even turn that passion into a fortune. As always, you just have to take the first step and the rest will flow in accordance with what is meant to be.

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