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Lots of newbie parents wonder how to potty train a baby and for me you will know when it’s time for them to learn by being aware or noticing of some subtle signs. There are signs that your baby is ready to be potty – trained or learned certain tasks with ease. When it comes to how to potty train a baby, the typical period when your baby starts showing interest in it is when they reach around one year old. However, it doesn’t mean that your baby is full potty trained around this age. It just means that your child is somehow ready to learn how to potty train a baby.

Watch for the Signs

Around 1 ½ years old is when your child will actually learn this lesson but there are kids who are fast learners which means they can learn before that age. You will know when your kid is ready when they start showing certain signs. One of which is them being interested on what you’re doing in the bathroom for starters. It may become apparent to you over time that your child has developed control on their bodily functions like in the form of retreating to a certain spot when they are ready to go, or if they directly come to you to tell you that he/ she is wet. You may also notice that your kid is staying dry for longer periods during the day even if they are wearing diapers or that they go at certain times of the day.

Keep them Independent

Even if your kid is still at the pre – verbal stage, you can teach them a sign that they can use whenever they feel like they have to go. Once you think your kid is ready to start how to potty train a baby there are some things you need to learn to help set them up for success to be as independent as possible at the onset. Obviously, your kid will need your assistance at the start but you want to start out as you intend to go on. It’s essential to set up the environment first so that your child can eventually be sort of independent.

Depending on the set – up in your house, you’re going to need to assign a specific place for your kid to go so that they can remember.

Step #1:

If you prefer for your kid to go to a regular toilet, you need to invest in a couple of things like a step stool so that your kid can get up and reach the toilet. You will also need to buy a potty seat that fits right in the inside of the lid especially for younger toilet trainers since the regular bowl has too big of a hole.

Step #2:

If they are not yet ready to climb onto the step stool or the regular toilet bowl, then you should buy them their own potty seat. There are tons of potty seats out there that come in various shapes and sizes. But basically a potty seat is something that you just put on the floor and has a removable bowl that is easily washable. Keep in mind that you don’t really need to buy fancy potty seats because your goal is not to make it entertaining for them but more of being independent. This is because it’s supposed to be just a natural part of being human.

Step #3:

Some parents prefer to put the potty seat in the bathroom since that’s the place where we all normally eliminate but if it makes you feel comfortable, you can definitely buy a potty and keep it in whatever room your kid spends most of his/ her time in. It’s also helpful at the start as a visual cue because your toddler is still learning to recognize the feeling that they have to go. So seeing their potty seat will remind them if they need to eliminate. At the same time, it will facilitate the process of them becoming independent without you need to be there when they go.

Step #4:

Right next to the potty seat, you have to make sure that you provide a small basket containing some essential toiletries like tissue or wet wipes as well as clean underwear. Some parents put in books since toddlers have short attention span to encourage them to stay longer in the potty but this is completely optional. So again, your goal is to not make it entertaining but rather to teach your child what he/ she have to do should these things happen.

Step #5:

When it comes to underwear, there are various kinds that you can purchase when how to potty train a baby. You can buy a pack of underwear that is soft and comfy. You can choose between regular underwear which is usually made out of thin material, or a Gerber’s training pants with a thicker and absorbent but very soft crotch pad. The training pants are actually good in keeping urine or even feces from falling off the floor. Whatever your choice is, just make sure to put it into the potty basket. Some parents continue to use pull – ups because it’s easier to contain the mess if they had an accident in public, and this is okay. Just keep in mind that the potty – training process might take a little bit longer.

Step #6:

You can also buy things like piddle pads which are water – proof covers that will go underneath your baby. These are meant for car seats and strollers. This whole process depends on what you prefer and what you are most comfortable with. As far as your child is sleeping, the easiest approach is to stick to diaper during night time and naps, until they start naturally waking up dry. Once they start waking up dry, then that’s the time when you can maybe ditch the diapers but remember that this could take a while. Keep in mind that potty training is not a magical process; it will take time before your child can fully control their bladder and bowel movement, or have the discipline to go to their potty toilet.

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