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Superfoods and Nutrient Density

When it comes to superfoods and nutrient density, foods that are nutrient dense have more essential nutrients by volume and fewer calories. For the superfoods and nutrient density, for instance, that you’re hungry after you’ve already had lunch and start looking for a...

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Using Food As Medicine

The idea of using food as medicine is fundamental to all the world’s healing traditions, especially those in China, India, and Greece. Going even farther back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, learning about medicinal herbs and beneficial plants was simply an aspect...

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Burping Your Baby

When babies gulp down either breast milk or formula, they also swallow air that collects in the esophagus, especially if the child is young enough to lie down most of the time. This causes gas, and also leads to the child spitting up its food. Burping your child helps...

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How-To: Breastfeeding Basics

How - to: breastfeeding basics? Although many first - time mothers find it helpful to watch how - to: breastfeeding basics? videos or to work with a lactation coach, these are the basics of positioning your child to latch on to the nipple for feeding. In this article,...

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